Your capital structure

We optimize and negotiate your financing concept according to measures of value.

Following the determination of your capital requirements in line with your business model, the determination of your need for action is then the focus of our activities. We make use of our concept for the creation of your capital-service-capable liabilities side and optimize your capital structure. This is where we take a parallel approach: a) We check all financing instruments that are suitable for the implementation of the financing strategy we recommend and b) negotiate with your existing and potential new creditors to ensure the best possible conditions in your situation.
From our point of view, the decisive factors are measures and financing instruments that have a value appreciation effect.

Value-appreciating measures can include, for example, changes in the ratio of equity and borrowing costs, or financing instruments that are more suitable for your company, factoring or the inclusion of a new shareholder. A clear financing concept, a great deal of experience and the right contacts are important for all value-oriented decisions. Your contacts at Corporate Finance Management.