Your capital procurement

We know the terms of your creditors, which is why we can get the best deal for you.

We’ll support you in negotiations with existing and potential new financiers – be it with the house bank, the old or new bank consortium or with equity investors. Through our extensive network we have access to all banks in Germany and a large number of national and international investors. We know their business models, calculations and terms.

We look forward to a confidential discussion with you in order to discuss possible M&A transactions and suitable partners, if necessary. Mergers, (partial) sales of companies, leveraged acquisitions, as well as corporate co-operations can be alternative ways to increase the value of your company. In order to secure the existence of your own company or to be able to make urgently needed investments, such solutions are often urgently recommended, especially in the digital age. We’ll help you find the right partner to create, strengthen and maintain your financial security.
Trust us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Dietmar Buchfink
CFM Corporate Finance Management GmbH