Your capital requirements

We'll be there when things get tough.

In business life, it is always difficult when periods of economic upheaval restrict operational freedom of action – especially when money has become scarce or expensive. It is then imperative to determine the current financial situation unabashedly and to reflect it with your own liabilities and investment projects. You then often see that the calculated capital requirement is not in a balanced relation to the conditions to be paid in order to cover it. In some cases, creditors may withdraw, thus putting the follow-on financing at risk – new capital is then difficult or even impossible to obtain.

This is the point at which it becomes high time to talk to an independent and value-oriented expert in corporate finance. We are that expert, whereby our expertise consists primarily of understanding your business model, being able to evaluate it critically – and above all quickly – in order to then structure your actual financing requirements in line with your business objectives. On the basis of these provisions, we can then draw up a tailor-made financing concept for you and examine with potential investors the conditions with which you can ideally implement your concept. (→ Capital procurement)

We have focused on such special situations. We know how each initial situation is completely unique and are aware of the extreme time pressure often placed on the transactions. We are also at home in the world of alternative financing funds, so-called debt funds from the USA and England, which offer themselves as an alternative to traditional bank financing and characterise the daily use of technical terms such as distressed debt, dual-track process, waivers & amendments, etc. Talk to us – we speak your language and would be more than happy to translate the language of your creditors. (→ What we do)