Value-oriented und independent

According to our understanding, economic activity refers to the creation and preservation of values – whether of a material, intellectual or ideational nature. Both equity as well as debt capital can be used for such value creation. In good and successful years, it is normally not much of a problem to obtain capital at conditions that allow you to increase your value. In times of upheaval, however, when, for example, financing is being phased out, the need for investment is unexpectedly high or the level of indebtedness is becoming more challenging, it will be more difficult to find new financiers. In such phases, the value-oriented focus on capital procurement, refinancing and possibly also transaction projects is existential.

We support companies in times of change. Our entrepreneurial focus is on debt advisory and financial restructuring, where we benefit from our decades of experience in managing companies in financially challenging situations. The competent partners of our extensive network are also at your disposal. However, we are in no way committed or bound to anyone – neither do we prefer certain financing partners nor do we receive commissions from third parties. We are committed only to our clients. We’d be happy to support you with our unrestricted professional and financial independence during your negotiations with your existing or new financiers.

Partner of renowned consulting companies

Both corporate as well as operational independence and an outstanding professional network are of crucial importance for professional corporate finance consultation. We confidently cooperate with management consultancies focussed on mid-sized companies. These include industry experts as well as proven specialists in the areas of sales, supply chain, global footprint and lean management. Our clients particularly value our excellent expertise with regard to medium-sized businesses.

We see the turnaround, growth and implementation experience of our partners as a particularly valuable cross-sectional asset. This is where we are happy to refer to Struktur Management Partner. We share a common foundation with the renowned business consultancy focused on mid-sized businesses: a value-oriented business model approach, a focus on the strengths of a company and a very pragmatic and effective implementation management. This is also the link to Corporate Finance Management: Only a financing strategy that is consistently based on the structural and business-model-specific characteristics of a company can be value-oriented and successful. We have no off-the-shelf strategy – our solutions are all tailor-made.

Partner in a professional financing network

We ourselves are medium-sized entrepreneurs and combine two key strengths in our business model: On the one hand, we have extensive industry knowledge, like major banks, investment banks and global consulting firms, and on the other hand, we have the entrepreneurial, independent hands-on mentality of an M&A boutique. Both are success factors in the management of difficult financing situations and transactions in times of crisis.

We work in a success-oriented manner and access exactly those experts and resources that are able to lead to success most effectively in a specific (company) situation. Over the past decades, we have built up a powerful network of experts in the corporate finance sector: Turnaround and growth managers as well as experts in M&A-related commercial, corporate and banking law, and in particular specialists in hedging of financing risk. We have access to national and international strategic investors and know the right financial and private investors with experience in crises. In addition, we have sound expertise in dual-track processes as a possible Plan B.