Three areas of expertise, one goal:
Creating, strengthening and
maintaining your financial security.

Both people as well as companies have to go through certain phases in the course of a lifetime: good, bad, difficult – all of them phases that involve specific challenges. As in real life, financial security plays a decisive role in shaping one's own goals, especially in the business sector. This is where it is of existential importance to have a strong and trusting partner at your side in every phase of your business life.

The Corporate Finance Management team is the partner of choice for your company in times of change.

With our experience gained from our impressive track record and expertise in corporate finance, we focus on three key aspects of corporate finance management:

Firstly: We are experts in determining your “real” capital requirements and appropriately according to your individual business model.

Secondly: We optimize your capital structure according to value-oriented criteria and know all the instruments necessary to determine and satisfy your capital requirements.

Thirdly: We speak the language of your creditors, have access to them and are able to provide risk-adequate capital procurement.

In other words: We’ll get you credit – any time!